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About Us

The story of EUREGNIA Company

The main stimulating force of EUREGNIA Company is its owner, a tax advisor Mrs Ivona Huňková who has been dealing with bookkeeping since 1999. She coined the EUREGNIA Accounting Company trademark in 2003. Two years later, EUREGNIA acquired the title of a certificated tax advisor, transformed into a Ltd. company and observes the Ethical Code of the Chamber of Tax Advisors.

Philosophy of EUREGNIA Company

We enable our clients to concentrate on the scope of their business, not only by easing them from their every-day accounting and tax routine but also by providing them with our professional recommendations regarding unusual accounting, tax and financial cases.

People and values

We provide our clients with high-level professional and consistent services.

Currently, we are a team of 17 people fully focused on our clients´ needs. This team consists of experienced professionals in the field of:

Comprehensive approach

We have a comprehensive approach to solutions of accounting, tax and financial issues of our clients. We shall always find an ideal solution and give you advice.

We provide our services in Czech, English and German language!