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Digitalization of documents

The digitalization of documents comprises services consisting in transforming paper documents of various weights in the electronic form with a scanner.

We shall supply you with digital copies in colours, in black-and-white or in various shades of grey. Transformed documents will be displayed in the PDF format on your PC.

We use USB flash discs or HDD external hard disc, alternatively also CD DVD carriers for the recording of digitalized documents.


A very fast and effective work with digital data, simple searching and sharing of data. No need of a scanner or other copies in order to share documents swiftly. Digitalized data take much lesser room in comparison with files, it is easy to transport and handle them.

Digitalized documents can be protected against unauthorized access.

A simple and cheap back up.

Reduction of costs of the data archiving.


  1. We collect documents intended for digitalization right on your address.
  2. We digitalize the documents.
  3. We check the quality of resultant documents.
  4. We equip scanned documents with searching parameters (the so-called indexation).
  5. You retrieve from us your original paper documents and a digitalized version of them on CD, DVD, USB or HDD.


The output of the digitalization is an electronic version of documents that can be titled according to agreed parameters (indexation).

Indexation (or attribution) of parameters to your documents is effectuated in accordance with a previously defined key. We can differentiate each document by its type: a contract, an accounting document, etc. We can also code it in accordance with your request, e.g. according to the company (client), date, branch, etc.

One can search such indexed documents with help of a simple programme, the PDF Explorer. The client can also purchase specialized software for simple work with digitalized documents.