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Partners and clients



We are partners of the "Do we need gender glasses?" project of Akropolis centre, supported by OP LZZ

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Business incubator Kunovice – Panský dvůr, Ltd.

We are searching for proper candidates for the “Co-operative employer 2013“ competition


GFX | babybox.jpg Hospital of Uherské Hradiště
  On August 15, 2013, the 57th Czech baby-box was solemnly put into operation in the Hospital of Uherské Hradiště. EUREGNIA Ltd. is one of the donors having contributed to its creation.

We also help: 


Balls, school parties and similar events



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EUREGNIA Ltd. organized a theatre play written by Jan Kraus and called "Nahniličko aneb poněkud dojatý" (“Soft-boiled or Somewhat moved”). The play was staged in the Cultural Club in Uherské Hradiště on January 24, 2011.



We chose EUREGNIA Ltd. Company from a range of offers after negotiations with five companies seated in Uherské Hradiště and in Zlín. All these companies offered us accounting services and tax consulting. But only EUREGNIA Company was able to cover with its offer all our needs in their entirety and to add analyses of legislation, to draw up financial plan, investment analyses, financial annual reports, etc. Employees of EUREGNIA Ltd. Company began to show their capabilities right from the start of our co-operation. Within two days after the signing of the contract, in the absence of our ex-accountant, they got acquainted with accounting books of our firm, elaborated our wages and prepared and filed our VAT declaration within the prescribed time.

We use outsourcing of the entire economic section, from accounting over arrangement of information circulation in our company to financial management achieved by outsourcing of the chief financial officer.

Without co-operation with EUREGNIA Ltd. Company, the new information system Helios Orange would not have been successfully implemented. I must say that their contribution to the implementation of the information system was substantial.

We appreciate their support in obtaining grants, tax consulting, I dare to describe our relationship as a friendly one. It is always difficult to evaluate our friends´ work, though, but as far as my evaluations can be positive, as in this case, I dare to use superlatives while referring to their work.


I. V., General Manager



We are satisfied with co-operation with the staff of EUREGNIA Ltd. All the services are provided on a professional level. We also appreciate the smooth way of communication with them.


M. Š., Deputy Operating Office



We are satisfied with the co-operation on a long-term basis, the services being provided on a professional level, we much appreciate the complexity of the offered services and the provider´s professional base. Their warranty and their active contribution to solutions of complicated problems our company has to cope with from time to time is another important aspect from our perspective. We find comfortable the system where individual subjects assume their responsibility for entire areas.


K. T., CEO Board of Directors